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Hyrule is our Kingdom, Wii are her knights... Long live Nintendo.

Group Founder: sintendo
Description: This Group is for all of the people that love Nintendo. Talk about everything here. Be it Game and Watch. 64DD. Virtual Boy. R.O.B. Mario. Zelda. Metroid or anything Nintendo. Have fun and Nintendo Forever.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 14
Category: Games > Nintendo

Topics (7)

go Legend of Zelda (7) sintendo
Talk about all things Zelda! From the Nes' Zelda to the Wii's Twilight Princess!

go Wii! (4) king_wil
What game or games did you get with your wii? Me, i just got Twilight Princess am holding out for farcry.

go Retro Rejects (6) sintendo
Do you love Retro Nintendo gaming? If so, talk about your favourite 'old school' games here. Anyone for Kid Icarus?...

go hav a flashcard (0) amarnda
4 sale?i wanted to put golden sun on my nds.i hav 6 games 4 it at the moment,namely cars,scooby doo,nintendogs,mario,sonic(voted the best) and disney princesess

go Anyone want to trade there nes (0) amarnda
4 a nintendo ds lite.limmited pink addition plus 6 games?i just cnt seem to find a flash card to get all nds games in the world

go Wii sports high scores (1) king_wil
This post is for your high scores for any game on Wii sports. I'l start it off with I got 205 on bowling.

go Nintendo Junkyard (2) sintendo
Talk about all the random Nintendo tat that you've bought over the years. The stuff that you still guard like a rabid dog. Anything at all!

Photos (7)

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Polls (3)

go Who is the coolest Nintendo character?
go Whats the best Zelda in your opinion?
go Whats your favourite Nintendo home console of all time?